Big birthday cupcake

DSC01146 After the first knitted cupcake debacle I was scared I may never take up double pointed needles again. But the fast approach of my lovely friend Suzy’s 30th birthday helped me shake off the fear and get knitting again. I met Suzanne back in the day when we were doing English at Nottingham Uni. She was hobbit-sized, mouthy and Northern and I haven’t been able to get rid of her since. (I should also mention she is gorgeous, hideously clever and makes me laugh until I no longer have control of any bodily functions, but that would make her far too big headed so let’s just stick to mouthy and Northern).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be with her for her big celebration so I popped the cupcake in the post. I just hope she hasn’t tried to eat it.

It’s made exactly the same way as the contraversial cupcake all the way to Row 48. It then goes as follows:
(with candle holder colour)
Row 49: kfb into all sts
Row 50: k all sts
Row 51: k2tog, YO to end
Row 52: k all sts
Row 53: k all sts
Row 54: Pick up purl bumps and k2tog with a stitch from current row (like for icing)
Row 55: k2tog to end (6 stitches)
(with candle colour and on slightly smaller needles if you have them)
Rows 56 – 69 k all sts
(with flame colour)
Row 70: k all sts
Row 71: kfb into all sts
Row 72: k all sts
Row 73: k2tog to end
Row 74: k2 tog to end (3 stitches)
Cut wool leaving at least 6 inches. Thread needle and run through remaining sts, pull tightly. Run needle down through candle, emerging at the base of the candle. Knot and tie off to secure. Cut off any remaining wool.


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