Mini guitar hero

When my friend Charli had a baby, I wanted to make her something suitable for her new little one. As she’s always been a keen singer and likes to play her acoustic guitar I thought I’d make a mini version so that she and her baby could play along together!

I couldn’t find a pattern so I just knitted two wide rectangles for the body and sewed them together in the shape of the body of the guitar. Then I made one long thin piece and folded it over to make the neck of the guitar, leaving a slightly longer bit at the front so I could sew it onto the body to look authentically like the fingerboard.

I appliqued on pieces of felt in the shape of the sound hole and the bit where the strings attach. For the pegs I knitted small squares, rolled them up and sewed them in place when I was making the neck. I made the strings by laying the purple wool in place and stitching it down with thin embroidery thread. I stuffed the whole lot with toy stuffing and included a rattle inside so little Samuel could really make music with his mummy!

Here he is chilling out after what appears to have been a particularly heavy session of rocking out!


4 thoughts on “Mini guitar hero

    • Hi Rae,

      Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I’m afraid there isn’t a pattern for the guitar as I made it up off the top of my head!

      You’ll see in the post that I tried to write as many details as I could remember about how I made it, so hopefully that will give you a good place to start. The main part of the guitar is just two rectangles of knitting which I placed right sides together and then sewed up using backstitch in the shape of the body of a guitar, leaving a little gap so I could turn it back the right way and stuff it.

      If you have any specific questions then do let me know and I’ll try to remember what I did!

      Thanks for reading,


  1. Could you let me know what colour wool you have used for the body of the guitar? I say cream but my mum says duck egg blue. Thank you! Great work by the way x

    • Hello, thanks for getting in touch! The colour I used was a kind of creamy very light yellow, the last picture in the post is the closest to the colour it actually was. But of course you could make it in whatever colour you like! Happy knitting…

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