Wrapped up in vintage

close up vintage scarf colours

v-striped scarf drapedSometimes a gift turns out so well it’s very, very hard to actually give it away and that’s exactly what happened with this jaunty vintage scarf that I made for my friend Sarah. Everything about knitting this scarf was fun – choosing the colour combinations (using up yarn from my stash made it even more pleasurable!), not having to do any purling and seeing the scarf just get better and better as the pattern progressed.

Sarah wearing the vintage scarf

In the end, I was happy to give the scarf away to Sarah for her birthday. After all, she was the person who got me knitting again and I knew that she would appreciate it, look after it, and above all wear it, just as much as I would. And look how happy she was with it! Who can argue with that?

The scarf is based on the V-Striped Scarf pattern from Vintage Knitwear for Modern Knitters by Lise-Lotte Lystrup, but I made a few important modifications. When I got to the central red square, the pattern was really tricky and when I thought I’d figured out what it was meant to be like, I thought it looked a bit wonky and it didn’t give the scarf enough solidity in the middle. I also didn’t like the way the second half of the pattern (effectively making the points go in the opposite direction) needed a change of mindset after getting used to the first half of the pattern.

So to make things easier, I knitted the two sides of the scarf separately using the first half of the pattern (if that makes sense! I only had to remember one way of doing the points so could get into a rhythm) and when I got to the centre I used double pointed needles to knit the square, picking up stitches from the two sides of the scarf and decreasing into the centre, which I think looks better and holds its shape better.

vintage stripe scarf


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