Better not be boring biscuits

You’d think gluten and dairy free biscuits would be boring wouldn’t you? Well I did. I imagined them as beige, weak little items. Insipid and tasteless. Of course it was wrong of me to have this notion, but don’t we often believe things that are based on nought but nonsense until we learn otherwise?

It’s only because I love my Falmouth girlies so much that I ventured into the gluten and dairy free world at all. I didn’t like the thought of making a batch of biscuits for one of our get-togethers that half of the gathering wouldn’t be able enjoy for one reason or another. So I rootled around online for a suitable recipe and set about tarting it up a bit. And here’s the result, Orange, Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Biscuits. And let me assure you that they taste as good as they look.

I adapted this dairy-free recipe by putting a little orange zest and some dried cranberries in the biscuit mix and then, instead of making butter cream and squidging the biscuits together, I made the icing (with juice and rind of orange in place of lemon) then drizzled it on top, along with some melted dark chocolate.

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