We wish you a knitted Christmas

It’s been so long since I posted that I’m ashamed to admit exactly how long it’s been, but the title of this post sort of gives the game away!

In what’s supposed to be summer (it’s been anything but sunny and warm here in Falmouth recently, but I can keep on hoping) it’s hard to remember those long, cold months holed up indoors knitting. But since I started knitting almost four years ago, knitting at least a few presents for friends and family has become a bit of a Christmas tradition.

Here’s some I made earlier:
knitted snowy owlA knitted snowy owl for my boyfriend’s Mum, who loves owls of all kinds, but especially snowy ones, which seems fitting for Christmas. I didn’t use a pattern for this, just knitted a tube in the round for the body, decreasing stitches at the top to make the shape of the head. Then I stitched mottled grey wool over the top to make it look like grey feathers on the head and back. I made the wings by holding white and mottled grey wool together and again using some decreasing at the end to shape the wing to a tip. I used felt for the back of the wings, the feet and the eyes and beak.

knitted man's gloves


I know these look like massive bear paws, but they do fit my boyfriend so my first attempt at knitting gloves was successful. More or less – the little finger is too long and it sometimes flops over comically, but you can’t have everything!

knitted hot water bottle cosy

This cabled hot water bottle cosy was a gift for my very special friend Ruthie. Again, I didn’t use a pattern and, I must confess, this item has had a couple of previous lives. The gorgeous, chunky, undyed wool started out as my first ever proper knitting project, but as I mentioned at the time, it was really far too fluffy to wear. Then I made up a pattern for a bag as a way of practicing my cabling, but it sat unfinished in my knitting bag for quite some time. So when Ruthie requested an extra special Jojo knitted hot water bottle cover, it didn’t take much to turn the neglected piece of cabling into exactly what she was after. To make it I just knitted a long thin strip that makes up the sides and bottom, did two rectangles of cabled knitting, sewed it all together and ruched up the top with a ribbon to make it the cosiest of all cosies.


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