Popping my scone cherry

It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived in Cornwall for over two years, but until recently I’d never made a scone. My excuse is that living in a place where every other shop is a tea room where you can buy cream teas all day, every day has made me lazy in the scone-making department. (My absolute favourite place to indulge in a cream tea is De Wynn’s on Falmouth’s main shopping street, do pop in if you get the chance!) But I was spurred on by the fantastic BBC show The Great British Bake Off which pitted bakers against each other to find Britain’s best amateur baker. I knew the programme was going to become a favourite when a man in the first episode cried over his sunken marmalade tea loaf – classic! The addition of Mel and Sue as presenters sealed the deal.

So I followed the silver fox Paul Hollywood’s scone recipe from the programme’s website and here’s the result:

Pretty darn tasty they were, but I think there’ll have to be a lot more batches baked until I get it exactly right.

(By the way, I know the scone on the right looks like it’s got egg oozing from it, but it was mango sauce which is all together more appetising).


One thought on “Popping my scone cherry

  1. Hi Jo,

    Coming over to Falmouth today for a spot of Xmas shopping. Could you text me your new address, so we can drop a very small packet through your letterbox? Seem to have lost your mobile number, address and maybe my mind! If you are free to meet for coffee, that would be lovely.
    Kitty X
    PS mobile no is 07985968667

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