A cosy for every occasion

My obsession with sticking a cosy on anything that  stands still long enough has developed in an egg-ward direction, but to be fair it wasn’t my fault. One day my fella said, “Clare at work said if you can knit tea cosies you could probably knit an egg cosy,” and how else could an enthusiastic knitter such as myself respond, but to whip up said egg cosy for him in doublequick time?!

I used this pattern from Knitty Bitty which I found on ravelry and had me a couple of crazy cosy-knitting hours in front of the TV. Sometimes I’m so rock and roll it hurts. The colours wouldn’t be my usual choice but seeing as my chap supports West Ham, I thought it appropriate. And as if they weren’t cute enough on their own I also added the teeny little pom poms. Now I reckon you’d be hard pushed to find a better dressed (or cosier) egg.


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