Thank goodness for tea cosies

There’s nothing I like to knit more than a tea cosy. It’s becoming something of a joke amongst my friends, but I don’t care. It’s so satisfying knowing that when you give the gift of a tea cosy, you’re not only giving a beautiful object, but a highly practical item that means the receiver of the gift need never suffer cold tea again! I liked the pattern I used for my Grandma’s tea cosy last Christmas so much that I’ve since made two more in that style to ensure the toastyness of tea in the South East region would no longer be at risk.

One blue and white one as a wedding gift for Catherine and Will…

… and one red and white one for Mandy to match her checked table cloth.

Now I just need to get round to making one for me.



4 thoughts on “Thank goodness for tea cosies

  1. ooohh oooh ooohh!!! So excited to see our beautiful tea cosy on your fabulous blog! It was a lovely wedding present, and much appreciated (an used). Thanks Josie. Catherine xx

  2. I am starting this pattern but am having trouble as in the comment posted on the pattern website here (Ann monico)


    I am not an experienced knitter and so love the look of this tea cosy. I have started to knit it and am having trouble with the 2nd and third rows of pattern.
    2nd row – when you say ‘drop the yarn’ do you mean just let it go and then continue working with the other colour? I have managed to get a line of tightish loops across the work on this second row.
    Please could you let me know if the last stitch that is knitted with both yarns counts as only ONE stitch at the beginning of the next row ?

    3rd row – how do I ‘bring yarn A behind’ – if i bring yarn A behind then when I go to knit the next stitch I am infact making another stitch. Please could you explain this movement. I feel a right prune. Would be grateful for your help. Thanking you Ann”

    You obviously had no problems with repeated tea cosies so can you tell me where I am going wrong?

    Many thanks
    Mavis H

  3. Hi Mavis, I’ve not knitted this pattern for a good 6 years, so I’ll try my best to remember!

    In answer to the first part of the question, yes you do just let it go and do the next 10 sts in the the other colour. The 3rd photo down on my post above shows the inside (wrong side (WS) of the tea cosy as you’re knitting it) which gives you an idea of how the yarn looks when it’s pulled across, not too tight, just enough to make the nice fluted shape on the outside. Yes, the last stitch of Row 2 that’s knitted with both yarns is counted as only 1 st at the beginning of the next row. This is the st you slip at the start of Row 3.

    3rd row – when you bring the yarn behind to do the next set of 10 sts, you bring it behind UNDER the needle rather than over, so it won’t make a new stitch. In the pattern on knitshearbliss blog I think she may have made an error while writing it up because it should be Yarn B that gets brought along the front of the work, then moved behind to do next 10 sts in colour B. It alternates between A and B, and you’re always knitting into the same colour, so that it comes out in vertical stripes.

    I hope that helps!


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