Special 60th Birthday Surprise

When my Mum turned 60 in July, my brother and I wanted to get her something extra special so we commissioned Adam King to make a bespoke love spoon. You can buy traditional Welsh love spoons in a huge range of designs with each of the symbols used carrying their own meaning, but we wanted a one off so we worked with Adam to create a unique design. It includes a dragon (because Mum lives in Wales and also collects dragons), a bird (because Mum loves to feed the birds and watch them visiting the garden), Celtic and Art Nouveau inspired knot work (because Mum likes these styles of design and uses them in her own textile work) and a needle and thread (because Mum’s a textile artist). The finished love spoon is now hanging proudly in Mum and Dad’s living room and I hope bringing Mum lots of love from us every time she looks at it!



3 thoughts on “Special 60th Birthday Surprise

  1. Hi Jo, I loved your knitted monkey. Do you have a pattern for him. My mum is a great knitter and would dearly love her to knit one for my newborn as I too had a monkey when I was born but unfortunatley lost him.

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