Strawberry teas forever

Once upon a time, way back in February, Queen Sarah of Knit Club had a birthday (only a birthday of low numbers you understand for Queen Sarah is youth personified). Being Princess of Knit Club I searched high and low throughout the kingdom for a gift to do her justice, but alas a suitable present could not be found. Just when all hope was lost, I remembered Queen Sarah was the proud owner of a beautiful green teapot that made a delightful brew, but remained naked and bereft of a suitable cosy. But where would I find a tea cosy fit for the royal pot? Queen Sarah had often mentioned how wonderful a strawberry tea cosy would be, so off I went in search of one.

But all the available patterns would not do, they just weren’t strawberry-y enough. In the end I used all my Princess of Knit Club skills and made up my own pattern. The result was the strawberryiest of strawberries anyone in the whole kingdom had ever seen. Now Queen Sarah’s teapot need never be naked again and we’ll all live knitting happily ever after!

Using 4mm needles and two strands held together of Patons Diploma Gold DK in a juicy red, I cast on 64 stitches and divided them evenly between four double pointed needles and joined for knitting in the round. (I thought I’d try this method of making a tea cosy instead of knitting two sides and having to sew them together at the end).

– K 1 row around
– P 1 row around
– K 6 rows around
– *K all stitches on first two needles, then turn and purl all stitches back to the start. (Now you’re knitting in two halves to leave the holes for the spout and handle).
– Do 13 more rows in stocking stitch, ending with a knit row* (if you have the tea pot in front of you, make sure this is enough rows to allow for the spout or handle hole). Cut off yarn leaving a long enough tail to sew in later.
– Join in yarn at start of the third needle and repeat above instructions ** for all the stitches on the third and fourth needles.
– You should now have the same number of rows on both pairs of needles.
– Continue with the yarn you’ve just been using, join back together and K 4 rows (in the round again).
– Now for the decreasing: K6, K2tog around
– K 1 row around
– K5, K2tog around
– K 1 row around
– K4, K2tog around
– K 1 row around
– K3, K2tog around
– Change to green yarn, K 1 row around
– K2, K2tog around
– K1, K2tog around
– K2tog around
– K2tog around
– Continue knitting around with these stitches until the strawberry stalk is long enough. Cut off the yarn and using a large sewing needle thread through the remaining stitches and pull tight. Thread down through the middle of the stalk and tie off inside the cosy.
– Use yellow yarn to sew on little ‘seeds’ keeping the yarn at the back and following the ‘v’ shape of the knitted stitches.

For the leaves I adapted Bonnie Sennott’s Mountain Laurel Leaf pattern, which I found on Ravelry, making some of the leaves longer  and thinner and some of them shorter and fatter. I sewed them on at the base of the stalk and hey presto, the cosy was finished. No annoying seams, just a warm and snuggly teapot and a very happy Queen Sarah!


4 thoughts on “Strawberry teas forever

    • I’m glad you like the pattern. I think every tea pot should have a lovely cosy to keep it toasty and warm. I’m gradually collecting more and more teapots but mine never get cosies as I give all the ones I make away as presents! Please post a link to any strawberries you make so I can see how wonderful they look. Happy knitting!

    • Hi Jessie, I’m very pleased that you’re going to knit a strawberry tea cosy for your daughter, the perfect gift I’d say! I love the idea that my little strawberry design will be warming tea pots all over the world! Jo

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