Baby’s got a brand new bag

I was all ready to tackle my first knitted baby blanket, preparing for the months of work ahead, when I discovered a clever little idea on Ravelry – the baby blanket bag, sometimes also called a kicking bag or sleep sack. It’s like a blanket, but knitted in the round with some ribbing at the top so you can pop the baby inside and they can kick and kick and the blanket doesn’t get thrown off. I’d never heard of them before, but over 400 members who’d made this project on Ravelry can’t be wrong, so I set to work to make one for my friend Mandy who was expecting in the spring.

I used two free patterns from Ravelry as inspiration – Annika’s Kicking Bag for Babies and Robyn Devine’s Snug as a Bug Sleep Sack, but adapted it because I wanted to use baby cotton DK yarn instead of the sock yarn Annika used and the Aran weight Robyn used. Then I used this pattern conversion site to work out the right number of stitches to cast on.

I chose the colours to match Mandy and Danny’s safari theme for their nursery and keep the blanket bag non-gender specific as they didn’t know if they were going to have a girl or a boy. It was a real pleasure to knit, the only thing that was a bit tricky was the ‘step’ issue you get with changing colours when working in the round, so I might knit it flat and sew up the seams if I make another one.

Here’s the gorgeous Ruben giving the bag a good testing! He’d already grown lots more than this by the time I got to meet him in June and reports from his parents are that he’s only managed to kick the bag off once, so a thumbs up from them.


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