Better bunting hunting

I’ve been seeing fabric bunting in all the lovely fiddly shops in Falmouth for quite a while now, but it always seems a little bit expensive for what it is. So keen to save a few pennies I decided to work out a pattern for knitted bunting and use up some of my stash in the process. I had to rush to get this string of bunting finished, so it’s not as long as I would’ve liked and I had to fill it in with fabric triangles too, but it’s the kind of project that you can always have on the go, so I might just start another lot sometime soon.
This is how I made my bunting triangles:
– Using double knitting yarn and 4mm needles cast on 29 stitches.
– *K 2 rows
– Slip first stitch, k2tog through front of loops, k to last 3 stitches, k2tog through back of loop, k1
– Repeat from * until you only have 3 stitches left then slip 1, k1, put knitted stitch back on left needle, k2tog.

To make up I hand stitched the triangles to a long strip of binding folded over to hide the top of each triangle.


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