To the letter

It’s been a long old time since I’ve posted. So long in fact, that I’ve still not told you about the fabby Christmas present I got from my delightful friend Harriet. As one of the Falmouth Knit Club inner circle (until she moved away last Autumn) Harriet knows that anything textile is bound to please me. Combine this with her talent for putting a new spin on graphics and you get this:
Hangable, squidgable little letters made from pretty flowered cotton, grey jersey backing and a dark grey ribbon. She also made one for our other Knit Club queen, Sarah. Check out Harriet’s achingly cool blog at


One thought on “To the letter

  1. Yey! Glad you liked it my love – finally I have the time to read your posts in the detail they deserve, I’m going to be stealing some recipes and knitting patterns from you! Why do I need to search when you find all the best stuff first? Lots of love xxx

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