S’no hat for snow

When I started making the Snowdrop Beret by Swallows Return for my brother’s girlfriend, Kitty, for Christmas, I didn’t really take notice of the fact it said it was a hat for spring (because of the lace pattern letting the breeze through!). When do we ever get really cold winters in the UK? I just thought it was a really pretty pattern.

Unfortunately, it’s been the coldest winter for 30 years and much of the country’s been covered in snow for quite a few weeks. Kitty discovered just how cold the wind was as it whipped through her hat on the beach in Norfolk on New Year’s Day. Sorry Kitty!

Still the pattern is pretty and, even though it took me a while, it did help me get to grips with lace. The only modification I made was using a weightier wool – Sirar Click Chunky in Indy. I chose this because I wanted the beret to be a bit floppier, but it made the pattern slightly less visible, so I think I would stick to dk weight if I made it again.

The pics below show the difference between the bumpy, lumpy hat pre-blocking.

And the smoother, flatter hat being blocked on a dinner plate.

To block, I just dampened the beret slightly (rather than washing it or soaking it) and followed Susie F Handmade’s blocking technique to protect the ribbing from stretching.


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