Just like Grandma used to make

We all love our Grandmas very much, but when it comes to getting them presents for Christmas they can be awkward so-and-sos! “Oh I don’t need anything, my love,” they say or “Just spending time with you is a present enough.” But we all know full well that if, come Christmas day, they didn’t get given anything, they’d be in a sulk until Easter.

So I was relieved when, on a visit to Grandma’s in the Autumn, I noticed that her tea cosy was looking a little worse for wear. Here was something she genuinely needed and it meant I could tick one present off the list. I wanted to make a tea cosy that matched the old design as much as possible, so was thrilled to find this Traditional fluted tea cosy by Yasmin, who also associated the design with her Nan, lovely!

I made a few modifications, like using 5mm needles to accommodate the slightly chunkier wool I used for one of the colours (King Cole Waves Multi in Pampas). My second wool was dk weight so I held that double and it seemed to work out. I also cast on 30 less stitches so I had less folds to fit a 2 cup pot. I finished the cosy off with a flower.

Here’s my Grandma with her new tea cosy on Christmas day. She may be 90, but she can still have a giggle! Happy Christmas Grandma x


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