My first mittens

Ok, so they turned out more like oven gloves, but I’m still proud of my first pair of mittens! I knitted them as part two of Ruthie’s birthday present from a pattern I found amongst a haul of magazine cut-outs from the 70s and 80s brought in to Knit Club. I thought they’d be easier as they’re knitted flat, but all the sewing together of the seams was quite tedious and I think I pressed them a little enthusiastically. Still I really like the pattern and I know how to do Fair Isle now too, so altogether a good project and probably not that difficult to adapt to knit in the round.

Here’s a pic of me when I started making them on the beach on one of the last really sunny days of Sept 2009.

Click here for a pdf of the pattern.
(It may take a while as it’s a big file)


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