Hat’s the way I like it

It’s often the way with knitting that if anyone sees what you’re up to, they pipe up and ask you to make something for them too. This was the case when Woody, my housemate at the time, saw me feverishly trying to get Ruthie’s mittens ready before her birthday. I was foolish enough to agree. Woody liked the pattern of the mittens, but they’re not really the thing for the fashionable man about town, so I made him the hat instead. Although the pattern is for knitting the hat flat, I did it in the round and was much happier when I reached the end and there were no silly seams to sew up. No pic of Woody modelling the finished hat (yet), just me. I really enjoyed making this and I reckon I might get round to doing one for myself one day.

The only modifications I made to the pattern were starting with 12 rows of rib instead of 8 and I swapped the colours around a bit, so that I got more of colour A than colour C (I wanted it to be mostly grey).

The link to the pattern is in the my first mittens post.


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