A Hat of One’s Own


I am two weeks away from the hand-in date for my MA in Professional Writing. I am meant to be writing a novel, but I have also spent quite a few hours in the last week making this lovely vintage hat. Well, I say vintage, it’s 1970s which I would prefer not to think of as that long ago, but I suppose over 35 years makes it vintage! Anyway, it’s the first hat I’ve knitted for myself and I love it. At least I’m doing something productive with my procrastination time!


I used 2 x 50g balls of Click Chunky in shade 0128: tarn which gives an equivalent tension to the discontinued Patons Husky wool that this pattern was designed for. It was surprisingly quick to knit up and it’s going to keep my ears lovely and warm in winter. Just remember that when you make the bobble, you slip the stitch you’ve been creating the bobble with off with the last purl stitch. I forgot to do this and ended up mucking up the whole pattern and having to start again!
Click here for the pattern. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “A Hat of One’s Own

  1. Hi Jo, thanks so much for putting the pattern on the web. I had a chance find at an op shop today of 6 balls of Patons Husky for $9 (Australian)! I had a feeling I might find something to knit if I googled it! I LOVE the hat you made. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Ann,

    What a thrifty find that was! Lucky you! What colour is it? I must say that after three winters of wear the hat is still going strong. Good luck with the knitting and do post a link to a pic of the finished hat so I can see your version!


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