Chick Knit

Who knew that a tea cosy could start a revolution?

Well, when I sent my lovely friend Paula a stripey tea cosy for her birthday in April, not only did it provide her with a nice warm brew, it also sparked a new wave of creativity. Paula had been taught to knit at a very young age by an elderly relative and could remember many happy days spent creating all sorts of wonderful knitted objects.

So spurred on by the arrival of the tea cosy, she picked up her sticks again and was amazed how quickly it all came flooding back. A few weeks later it was my birthday and I was thrilled to receive the cutest little knitted chick from Paula!

She made it up completely off the top of her head (making a big oval for the body and little ones for the wings) and isn’t it a fine creation? He now sits merrily on my kitchen shelf keeping a beady eye on me and my housemates.

To find out what other delightful creations P’s working on, visit her at Dizzychick Does Stuff.


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