Lovely red hat

The hat I knitted for my brother was made to a very strict set of specifications. It was to be an exact replica of a white simple ribbed hat he found at my Grandma’s house a few years ago. She had knitted it over 20 years ago and was quite bemused why David would want such a tatty old hat. Anyway, after having worn it almost every day for a good few years, he wanted a dark version of it. So I found a pattern online that was similar – HJS Studio Simple Knit Hat – worked out how to do it exactly like the white one and knitted it in navy blue. It ticked all the boxes.

However, when it came to knitting a hat for my chap Martin, I wanted to make it a bit more interesting to knit, so I found a variation on the rib stitch – the cross stitch rib. dsc_0324It’s made up in exactly the same way as the pattern linked to above, but instead of just using rib stitch all the way through, after about 10 rows of rib, swap to cross stitch rib as follows:

1. (right side) p1, *Tw2R, p1, repeat from * to end of row
2. k1, * p2, k1, repeat from * to end of row
Tw2R = knit into front of 2nd stitch, don’t slip off, come back round and knit into first stitch then slip both off together.


3 thoughts on “Lovely red hat

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    • Hi, glad you like the pattern. tw2R means twisted 2 rib. It uses 2 stitches and comes out like a twisted rib. To do this you basically knit as normal but knit the 2nd stitch along before the first. So don’t knit the 1st stitch but leave it on the left needle, knit into the 2nd stitch as normal but don’t slip it off, (you should have the knit loop on the right needle, but not have pulled it off the end of the left needle), now bring right needle round and knit into the 1st stitch as normal, then slip both the 1st and 2nd stitches off the needle together. Hope this helps!

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