So many scarves, so little time

Last Autumn, spurred on by the success of my first knitting project, I decided that it would be well within my capabilities to knit all of my Christmas presents. What’s more, the items I would fashion for my family would be cheap and meaningful. Perfect! Little did I know I had signed up for months of hand cramp and cursing. But in the end it was worth it and I finished all but one of the presents in time for the big day. I only just finished my brother’s woolly hat in time for the snow in February and I was in such a rush to post it to him that I forgot to take a photo. But here’s the rest of the presents I made.

Mum’s scarf

dsc_0069Using 1 x 100g skein of Rowan Colourscape Chunky by Kaffe Fassett on 7mm needles, cast on 22 stitches.

– Knit 4 rows
– *Knit into front and back of 1st stitch, then knit to last 2 and knit 2 together
– Purl row
– Repeat from * to desired length, finish by knitting 4 rows and cast off

Because each row of this pattern increases at one end and decreases at the other, it makes a scarf that’s on the diagonal which is a bit more interesting than just straight stocking stitch.

I got the pattern from the nice lady at John Lewis in Nottingham where I bought the wool. She had knitted up the design from the Rowan Colourscape book and it caught my eye.

Dad’s scarf

dsc_0068Using Marble Chunky wool by James C. Brett (100g of a 200g ball) on 7mm needles, cast on between 24 and 36 stitches.

– Knit a row
– Purl a row
– * Knit 3 rows
– Purl a row
– Repeat from * until the scarf is the desired length and cast off.

Great for keeping Dad warm at the rugby!

Grandma’s scarf

dsc_0076Using Sirdar Click Chunky wool (shade 0150, 3 x 50g balls) on 10mm needles (to make the stitch a little looser), cast on 24.

1. Moss stitch for 6 rows i.e. k1, p1 for first row, then p1, k1 for second row, then back to k1, p1 and so on
2. * k1, p1, k1, p1 then knit to last 3, p1, k1, p1
3. p1, k1, p1, k1 then purl to last 3, k1, p1, k1
4. Repeat from * for 20 rows then 6 rows of moss stitch
5. Repeat stages 2-4 until scarf is desired length, then cast off.

This gives a pattern with moss stitch edging and stocking stitch squares.

Kitty’s scarf

dsc_00742Using double knitting wool (I used 1 ball of 100g) on 4mm needles, cast on a multiple of 4, 32/36 is good.

– * Knit a row, purl a row
– k2, p2, k2, p2 for 4 rows (rib stitch)
– Knit a row, purl a row
– p2, k2 for 4 rows (so the rib is offset)
– Repeat from * until scarf is desired length, then cast off.

I made this pattern up when I was experimenting with variations of rib stitch, although I’m sure someone else has thought of it before me! I like the way the finished pattern looks like it’s woven.

And here’s Mum, Dad and Grandma wearing their gifts on Christmas Day!



2 thoughts on “So many scarves, so little time

  1. Wow – this was an ambitious second knitting project! I think I may try something easier seeing as it took me 6 months to finish project one. BTW I got the stuffing for the monkey as a woman in the shop heard me telling you on the phone that they’d sold out…she went to the stock room and got me some. And they say customer service is dead.

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